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large window of safety glass bedroom with glass patio door leading out to balcony multi paned window in new build

Strong and secure safety glass

Our strengthened safety glass is the perfect way to have an extra sense of security with your windows. You can use our safety glass in the home, or they are especially well suited for use in a commercial setting. With our strengthened safety glass, you can minimise the risks of broken glass, as well as reducing any potential dangers in the unlikely event of any breakages.


With our honest pricing policy, you can have competitively priced safety glass that is affordable for you. Give us a call today for a no obligation quote.

Insurance-backed guarantee

Have extra peace of mind in our work with our insurance-backed guarantee. You can be certain of high quality materials and craftsmanship with your windows when you come to us for safety glass.

You can have high quality glass

- Strengthened glass for peace of mind

- Insurance-backed guarantee

- Suitable for both domestic and commercial purposes

- Measure and supply services

Glass for a range of requirements

You can enjoy the benefits of our expert manufacturing service for both domestic and commercial purposes, including our high quality sealed units and efficient measure and supply services. Get in touch with any of your questions. Call us now on 01953 888 606

graphic water mark safety glass down side of corridor